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Did you pay too much to Uncle Sam last year?

 Tax laws change ever year and staying current with those Federal, State, and Local tax laws are an integral part to ensure you are not overpaying your taxes. So how can you be assured that you are not overpaying taxes? If you are preparing your own tax returns using a tax software package, please keep in mind that software alone is not a substitute for understanding tax law. You should be spending many hours annually to stay current with all the tax law changes. If you are using a tax preparation service, make sure you fully understand the tax background and experience level of your preparer. Here are some good examples of questions to ask your preparer:

  • What qualifies you to prepare my tax return?
  • Are you familiar with the recent tax law changes that may impact my return?
  • How long have you been preparing tax returns? (you should get a response > 2 to 3 years)
  • How many tax returns have you prepared in the past similar to your return? (you should get a response > 500 to 1,000)

The answers should assist you in determining whether you are dealing with first-time preparer or someone who has been around the block a few times.

There are many complexities and intricacies within the tax laws. Some are gray areas that only experienced, seasoned tax professionals can effectively and efficiently interpret and apply to your tax situation.

It’s not too late to lower your tax liability for last year or even the preceding 2 years. Incorrect or tax returns that have missed deductions or tax credits can be amended. Use the form on the right to contact us and we’ll meet with you at no cost to review your past 3 year’s tax returns at no cost. A fee may apply for us to prepare the amended returns, if you request those services from us.

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