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Pennsylvania Tax Amnesty Enacted

Last year’s Pennsylvania budget included a 60-day tax amnesty window for delinquent Pennsylvania tax payers to become current on their taxes. Taxpayers who avail themselves of the new tax amnesty program will pay no penalties and only half of the interest that would otherwise have been due. This week the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue set the window for tax amnesty to be April 21 until June 19, 2017.

Taxes owed for 2011 through 2015 are eligible for the amnesty program, so 2016 tax liabilities are not covered by the program.

A new Pennsylvania tax amnesty program is coming. It was enacted as part of the state’s 2016–2017 budget process. Taxpayers with unfiled state tax returns or returns that need to be amended will be able to pay the tax and half of the interest they owe, with the balance of the interest and all penalties being forgiven. Depending on individual circumstances, there may be only a five-year look back with all prior year tax liabilities forgiven. The effective date has not yet been announced, but when it is there will be a 60-day window to take advantage of the program.

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